Logodesign creates unforgettable videos for companies and projects like yours. Leading ad agencies, digital agencies, start ups and big corporations all know they can count on us for creating an extraordinary animated video or explainer video for their brand or services offering.

A video is undoubtedly the most effective medium to reach your target audience. People these days don't prefer reading lengthy content, but they surely will read moving content in an animation in a video promotion, because that is what captures their attention. Visually, we make beautiful stuff, but this is about much more than being pretty, our team of expert's brainstorms and develops creative videos and our videos produce results. Our expertise and experience includes branding, strategy, creating your brand identity, promoting functional benefits and social media. The team of expert video writers, animators and video developers have written and produced amazing advertising materials for leading companies around the globe. This doesn't mean that we don't cater to small businesses or entrepreneurs; we have a reasonable price package for both large scale and small scale business setups. We use visualizations and animations to make your business achieve its goal. Our motion graphic video portfolio is full of video animations, revealers and transitions, logo stings, trailers, promotional videos and much more.

Get in touch with us right away if you have a video ad in mind to promote your brand, share your ideas with us and we will develop a creative video for you based on your concept. The working process is simple we write a video script for you and send it to you, upon getting approval, our story board artists start storyboarding your concept portrayed in the script, then our video animators create a video for you, the video is then sent your way. Once the video is approved by you we upload it on YouTube so that you can share your video ad to different people through different websites, we can also optimize the video on your website.

Say It All with Video Animation package
  • 1 video concept
  • 5 Revisions
  • 60 seconds duration (or less)
  • Full 2D motion graphics
  • Storyboard included
  • Background music included
  • Sound Effects Included
  • 3 Weeks delivery time (Tentative)
  • Voiceover included
  • Additional charges for Script

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